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From the Pen of the Music President
written on 6/4/2009

“Little Becomes Much When Placed in The Master’s Hand”
St. John 6:1-14

I remember one evening while in prayer just questioning God concerning the missions he had laid to my charge and then feeling like I didn’t measure up to what he had called me to do. I really felt that what I had to give was really too small for what he wanted me to do. I wanted to do the work, but felt uneasy and inadequate in my knowledge and ability. Have you ever felt like you weren’t qualified or good enough for the mandate on your life and wanted to go and just sit down on your gifts?

During this time in prayer and meditation I found an unopened, still in the wrapper, cd that I had purchased of Danniebelle Hall. It was one of those cds that had her favorite songs on it. I purchased it quite a few years ago. I had all of her albums and tapes from the 80’s. She was a lead singer with Andre Crouch and the Disciples. You might remember “Take Me Back”, “Soon and Very Soon” and so many others.

Well on this particular cd was a song entitled “Ordinary People” that I had learned as a little boy in the church. The Lyrics are

Just ordinary people, God uses plain old ordinary people He chooses people just like you and me, who are willing to do as he commands. He uses people that will give their all, no matter how small your all might seem to you, because little becomes much as you place it in the master’s hand. Just like the little lad who gave Jesus all he had, and the multitudes were fed with the fish and the loaves of bread, now what you have may not seem much, but when you yield it to the touch of the master’s loving hand, then you’ll understand how your life could never be the same.
" Little becomes much as you place it in the Master’s hand"

As I began to sing the song to myself, the presence of God filled the room and tears began to flow. I began to yield myself to God and I just began to feel such a strong anointing in that room. It began to register in my heart that although our gifts and abilities might seem small, when you give it to God, little becomes much when you place it…

In the story the disciples looked at what the little boy had and decided that it wasn’t enough for the thousands, but when Jesus touched it, the two piece fish basket became a buffet for 5000 plus with much to spare after all were fed. Little becomes Much….

Sometimes our weaknesses and inabilities are there for God to show His strength, for his strength is perfect when our strength is gone (1 Corinthians 12:9).

So don’t get discouraged and decide to bury what God has placed in you, but continue to use your gift for His glory, whether it is in your local church or on a national stage, always rely on His anointing (Acts 10:38) and remember that


Danniebelle Hall – passed away 12/28/2000, but her voice lives on

www.Danniebelle.com check it out



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